Don’t Talk in the Theater, Greg Abbott (Editor)

This is a 2014 mashup of Greg Abbott’s ad and the Alamo Drafthouse’s amazing Ann Richards “Don’t talk or text in the theater” pre-roll. I was struck with the idea at the same time that then-Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott released the ad of himself awkwardly speaking to the camera while others are clearly trying to enjoy a movie without him there.

For a couple days my video got quite a bit of attention on Twitter and even was mentioned and included in a Texas Monthly article.

The Drafthouse video is a response to an ad-buy that the aspiring governor made with Drafthouse competitor Regal Cinemas (which you can watch here). The ad, which will be shown before film screenings at Regal Cinemas starting on Friday, portrays Abbott in a darkened movie theater, introducing himself to moviegoers by explaining that, while he was unprepared for the challenges of making a movie theater commercial, he’s aware of the challenges of running for governor in Texas—and if you want in on that action, you can text “FREEDOM” to a number on the screen to “help.”

Meanwhile, Austin filmmaker Keller Davis apparently caught whiff of the Abbott video last night, and created an independent mashup of the theater’s ages-old PSA starring former Texas Governor Ann Richards, which is perhaps a bit more pointed than the Drafthouse’s own spot.

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