Steve’s Miracle Recovery (Director, Producer, Editor)

After a life-threatening ski accident in Colorado, doctors weren’t sure Steve Lawton, a former executive at Dell, would survive, but because of his attitude, his helmet, and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton lives to share the wonders of positivity. Steve Lawton now is an inspirational speaker talking about his experience and how positivity saved his life. He was a TEDx speaker at Texas A&M University in spring 2016. His book,  Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity was published by The Fedd Agency and is now available.

I’ve known Steve for several years and we’re both alumni of Texas A&M (gig ‘me!). We originally produced a video for him as a public speaking demo before filming his TEDx talk several months later. This documentary short marked the third time we had the opportunity to work with Steve in a little under a year to spread the message of his amazing story and philosophy on life. It was produced for and distributed by Little Things. Check out the original article as it was published here. 

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