A Lot On Her Plate (Director, Short Film)

Charlotte, a stay-at-home mom of three including her special needs son Brian, wants to carve out some space for herself amid her hectic reality. When her efforts to regain some individuality fall short, Charlotte seeks comfort elsewhere. Told in the style of NBC’s show Parenthood, A Lot on Her Plate shows the visible and subtle ways mother surrender themselves for the sake of the family with love and humor.

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Keller Davis. Written by, Produced, and Starring Deana Ricks. Director of Photography Alex Walker. Music Composition by Justin Payne. Also Starring Deke Garner, Mackinlee Waddell, Richard Jones, Austin New, and Richard Renteria.


Visit the official website at www.alotonherplatemovie.com for more information.




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