The Walker (Director, Short Film)

In his glory days, the Worthy Wanderer fought crime with his incredible speed-walking abilities! Years later, he is retired and has put those superhero days behind him. His granddaughter Katie initiates the idea to return to the spotlight as Vuvuzela wrecks havoc and annoyance upon the city. Will the Worthy Wanderer still be able to fit into his old costume and prove he’s still got it? FIND OUT in…. “The Walker”! Filmed as part of the 48-Hour Film Project in Austin, Texas in Summer 2011. The short made it into the Austin Top 10 showcase and took home the awards for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Use of Character”.


Starring Sonny Carl Davis, Lindsay Lewis, and Jake Savell. Directed by Keller Davis. Cinematography by Jensen Yancey. Written by Jessica Peale. Edited by Jonny Greenwald.

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