Powerpoint (Director, Short Film)

Obsession can strangle even the best of us. For Christopher, that one thing is Microsoft Powerpoint… because slides speak so much louder than words. “Powerpoint” was one of my final short films from my college years and one that I’m still pretty proud of. It was filmed as part of InSWAMPnia 24-Hour Film Competition by Aggie SWAMP Club at Texas A&M University in February 2011 and ended up being the winner of “Best Narrative Film” at CouchFest Film Festival 2011, an Official Selection at Texas Film Festival 2011, and an Official Selection at Dallas VideoFest 2011.

Directed and Edited by Keller Davis. Director of Photography Jensen Yancey. Written by Kara Mohr. Production Designer Hannah Woods. Starring Justin Payne, Kara Mohr, Ruben Gonzales. Music by Gurdonark.

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