Carnivores (Director, Short Film)

Look who’s coming to dinner. When Jo takes her boyfriend, Travis, to meet her father for the first time, something strange at the house seems to be bothering him even more than their big news. Filmed as part of the Austin 48-Hour Film Project 2013 by Escape Plan Productions. Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Produced & Directed by Keller Davis. Cinematography by Jensen Yancey. Written by Jake Savell & David Johnson. Assistant Writing by Lee Bacak Jr., Keller Davis, Jonny Greenwald. Story by Jensen Yancey. Starring Ryan Hooker, Carissa McAtee, Joe Ricks and Sonny Carl Davis. Production Design by Kirk Van Sickle. Assistant Directing by Sam Marie Jackson. Sound by Lee Bacak Jr. Editing by Lee Bacak Jr. & Keller Davis. Assistant Editing/DIT by Rahul Putha. Production Assistance by Jenna Shorter. Craft Services by Brandon Willett. All Music by Justin Payne. Title Design & Credits by Chris Weachock. Special Thanks to Zoe Wheeler, The Wheeler Family, KVUE Austin, KOOP Austin, Alyne Harding.

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